Widen the Linc

Roads and Transit

Widen the Linc to 6 lanes from the current 4 lanes

The Lincoln Alexander Parkway is too congested at rush hour and so is Upper James.

Gridlock: You’re not at home with your family -or at work earning money- just stuck in traffic.

The solutions include:

  • Widening the Linc to 6 lanes
  • Widening the pinch-points at the 403
  • Pushing the Province to widen the 403
  • Better timed city signals
  • Adding more advanced left turning lights
  • Better HSR service across the Mountain

    Bring GO Bus Service to the Mountain so you can go straight in to Toronto
  • Bring GO service to the Mountain, so people can leave their cars at home or park for free at Limeridge Mall and take the GO Bus to Aldershot Station or straight in to Toronto

Spending time with family, friends or doing fun activities in our community are better options than driving for hours every day.


Ward 8 Councillor, Hamilton