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Prime Minister Stephen Harper Announces Troop Deployment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that Canadian Forces troops would be deployed to Iraq to help the Government of Iraq in preparing for effective combat against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). […]

Saving More Through RESP Benefit Packages

College and University are expensive. The Government of Canada will help you save money for your child’s education with the Canada Learning Bond, Canada Education Savings Grant, and Additional Canada Education Savings Grant. Most people […]

Let’s Get Youth Voting

I volunteered on my first campaign when I was 14. The political bug bit. There is something wonderful about neighbours coming together to dream big to make Canada even better. Campaigns are also a great […]

National News

PM delivers remarks in Toronto

You know, I was thinking today with the great step forward we took and thinking about the Summit we just completed between Canada and the European Union, and also the strategic partnership – the comprehensive […]

PM delivers remarks with the Leaders of the European Council and Commission

For more than five years negotiators for both Canada and the European Union have worked diligently and tenaciously to construct an agreement that will greatly amplify the trade and investment between us and thereby create […]

PM delivers remarks at the Every Woman Every Child panel discussion in New York

Since we launched the Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Child and Newborn Health in Canada in 2010, we’ve been just astounded by the response of the international community beginning with these important international organizations.

PM announces a change in the senior ranks of the Public Service

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the following change in the senior ranks of the Public Service: