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Eve Adams, MP


Eve Adams and Justin Trudeau


I sought out a life of public service to deliver results for Canadians – families young and old, across all walks of life. For over a decade as an elected official, municipally and federally, I have delivered for my constituents the resources and infrastructure they need. For over a decade before that, I worked with elected officials at various levels of government to deliver the same for their constituents.

This work ethic and drive to bring investment to my city and to my neighbours is what made me a Parliamentary Secretary. It motivated the creation of the “Hire a Veteran” program which I championed as Parliamentary Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the work I did as Parliamentary Secretary for Health.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked for, and delivered millions of dollars for my community in Mississauga and for Canadians across the country. Investments supporting innovation for businesses; money supporting skills training for manufacturers, funds supporting fitness and healthy living for our children. That is a record of which I am proud.

I stand by that record going forward too.

I bring this drive to the Liberal Caucus. I will continue to deliver for my community and for all Canadians, and I hope you join me.

Statement by MP Eve Adams

Posted on February 9, 2015

Good morning and thank you for being here.

Today is a very difficult day for me.

2014 has been a very difficult year for me, with a bitter nomination battle, problems in my own party, and health issues, from which I’ve fortunately completely recovered.

When I first walked into the House of Commons, Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister of Canada and Jean Chrétien was leader of the opposition.

I was on a work scholarship as an 18 year-old parliamentary page.

I used to sign up for extra shifts during the constitutional debates that would last late into the evening.

As a daughter of immigrant parents who fled communism, I felt privileged and honoured to be able to stand on the floor of the House of Commons as Canada’s leaders debated the future of the country.

It was an enormously exciting time to be in our nation’s capital.

There was a palpable hope and enthusiasm that our party was on the cusp of reinvention.

As a conservative member since I was 14 years old, I believed strongly in that party and the direction we were headed.

I had the great privilege of working for excellent members both provincially and nationally, and I forged tremendous friendships that I deeply value to this day.

The years that I spent working and volunteering for the Progressive Conservative Party were always inspired by my deep motivation to serve.

In 2003, I decided to seek elected office. I made that decision because I wanted to play a direct role in improving the quality of life for my community and my neighbours.

I remain motivated by the same things today– that motivated me then.

Whether on city or regional council, corporate boards, volunteer organizations or in the private sector, I learned that the key elements to a strong and successful team were leadership, humanity and kindness.

When I was recruited to run as a Conservative Member of Parliament, I joined with great hopes of doing work to help better the lives of all Canadians.

And the most gratifying part of my job has been making a positive and tangible difference for my constituents.

From calls late into the evenings with people who want to understand and benefit from programs for their family, to helping those who want to reunite with their loved ones or obtain a visitor visa for a special occasion.

Helping Canadians navigate their way through government red tape, in order to get what they and their families need, is extremely rewarding.

I have met with many families who have spent many years struggling.

With mounting bills, they can’t even contemplate how to save for their children’s education or their own retirement.

As a government, we were given a tremendous opportunity, with a purported surplus to do right by folks.

Instead, the government is still about to roll out policies like income-splitting which will devour the surplus, without benefiting most Canadian families or creating a single job.

These policies are designed to advantage a sliver of the population: the wealthiest, while relying on middle class Canadians to pay for it.

I cannot support mean-spirited measures that benefit only the richest few. After the numbers were provided, even Canada’s former finance minister, Jim Flaherty, a Progressive Conservative from Ontario, could not support the impact and waste of income-splitting.

I can no longer support mean-spirited leadership that divides people – instead of bringing them together.

We need a kind, generous and strong leadership– that champions a shared vision for how to make Canada work for everyone.

I want to work with someone who inspires– not with fear-mongerers and bullies.

I want to support a leader who strongly and unequivocally respects a woman’s right to choose.

It is time for a leader who has the ability to rally his team, and all Canadians, to steer the country in a more positive, productive, and united direction.

That leader is Justin Trudeau.

That is why, after a long and very difficult period of reflection, I have decided to leave the party that I’ve served since I was 14 years old, to leave my role as parliamentary secretary for health, and to join the Liberal Party of Canada.

I am very proud of the time I have spent in government and I will work very hard to bring that experience and passion to the Liberal Party and continue to serve my constituents.

And I want to thank Mr. Trudeau for welcoming me into the party.

I will be seeking the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in the GTA.

I look forward to meeting and listening to the Liberal Party members later today when I head back to Toronto to get to work.

I will stand behind a leader who demonstrated humanity, compassion and decisiveness when a serious issue like sexual harassment was brought to his attention.

He didn’t sweep it under the carpet.

I will knock on every door of the riding in order to support, in my own small way, a Trudeau liberal government this coming election.

I did not make this decision overnight, but I no longer feel at home in the conservative party, either politically or personally.

This is a bitter-sweet day for me.

I leave behind a party that I supported for more than 25 years.

A party for which I volunteered endless hours when we had no hope of forming government.

But I have reached deep into my mind, my heart, and my soul, and can state with conviction– that I am making the right decision.

Today I join the liberal party of Canada. I am proud to follow Justin Trudeau, who will be a forceful, optimistic, and productive prime minister.

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